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CA Judicial Foreclosures during Covid

Is there a moratorium on judicial foreclosures in Calif due to Covid restrictions? I’m referring to foreclosure auctions on the courthouse steps. I plan to attend one tomorrow but beginning to think it will be cancelled.


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Hi Jim,
The vast majority of foreclosures in CA are non-judicial. There are various moratoriums, but they do not apply to all loans. 90 properties have sold to investors so far this month (December 2020), and another 204 have gone to foreclosure but went back to the bank as no one bid on them. So definitely possible the property you are tracking will go to sale. Despite this, it is, unfortunately, quite likely that it will postpone or cancel.
Hope that helps.

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Thanks Sean. BTW, it is a non-judicial foreclosures.

Maybe you can answer another question. At this auction I am bidding on a DOT that is secured by two parcels. It is a 1st DOT on one parcel and a 2nd on the other. I only want the first parcel. If my bid is successful, will I be responsible for the first DOT or can I just walk away from it and own the one parcel?