closing costs

How much are the closing costs at the trust deeds sale?

Hi Willis,
When buying a property at trustee sale there are no closing costs. You are paying cash on the spot. If you are the successful bidder the trustee will send you the Trustees Deed to record and you will have to pay the recording fees and the transfer tax when you record the document.

Hi Willis,

If you are planning on flipping the property, I would be happy to help you with closing costs for Title & Escrow. I work for Fidenlity National Title and have over 17 years experience. Please call me at 916-708-2603 to answer any questions.

When you plan on flipping the property, what is the percentage of the costs for title and escrow?
Thank you.

Hi Patrice, In our financial analysis tool we use 1% of the sales price to calculate the closing costs.