What is the best way to evict a homeowner after I have bought a propert at auction?

Hi Steve,
It is always best if you can negotiate a cash for keys agreement. Otherwise, if you have confirmed it is an owner you would need to give them a 3 day notice (if they are renters then you would need to give them a 90 day notice or honor the terms of their lease if executed prior to the Notice of Default). After serving the appropriate notice you would need to file the unlawful detainer. If you are not familiar with the eviction process in your area it is best to hire an attorney to file the unlawful detainer and have the owner served. If the owner answers the complaint then you will have to appear in court. If you happen to be in an area that has rent control I highly recommend hiring an attorney. The slightest mistake in evicting someone in a rent control area can be very costly in both time and money.