What to expect when evicting tenants or the previous owner after auction purchase?

Where would I get more detailed information on how to get the previous owner or a renter out of a property after purchasing it at auction. I think that a renter has 90 days and that the previous owner can be served with a 3 day to quit (I think?) I also realize the benefit of the cash for keys option as an incentive for them to move and not damage the property.
I need to know what to do to make sure I’m covered. What are the worst case scenarios… I have a cash for keys agreement that was prepared by the California Association of Realtors.

Are there things that the previous owner/ renter can do to prolong their stay? What are my options if they refuse to move? What is the longest they could stay?

Thank you,

Hi Arrik,
The cash for keys agreement is a good start. If they refuse to move then you would be forced to formally evict them. That process in CA is 47 to 59 days on average from the notice date to the lock out date if they answer the complaint. They could also delay an eviction by filing bankruptcy. The best bet is to negotiate the cash for keys agreement and try to get them out as quickly as possible.

What to expect? Make sure you get insurance right away - for obvious reasons. Over the years - 3 “suspicious” fires. (Of course the owners did vacate the property Just before the fires started.