find sale date

How do I find out the upcoming lender’s sale date on foreclosureradar?? I have tried navigating, but no luck so far.? Thanks!

Hi JM,

You mentioned Foreclosure Radar … but I’ll address your question for both FR and the newer Property Radar (PR). Under FR, you will find the ‘sale date’ (scheduled trustee sale) in the Foreclosure Summary Box - look just under Notice of Trustee Sale (Auction). You can also find the ‘sale date’ in the Notice of Trustee Sale Details via a link (NTS Auction) found under Open Loans.

Under Property Radar, you can find the ‘sale date’ by navigating via several different search tabs at the top of the PR Dashboard - primarily Foreclosure Search and Trustee Sale Schedule. Once you find and ‘click on’ your target property, it will bring up Property Details… scroll down to Foreclosure Details box and you will find the ‘sale date’