Is there a way to search by auction date?


Is there a way to search by auction date?


Yes, there is a way to search by auction date. Here’s how:?

  1. Using our ‘Auction Search’, select your desired county.
  2. Under the ‘Foreclosure Details’ heading, you will see ‘Sale Date’
  3. The ‘Sale Date’ will default to the present day. If you wish to view a different date or range of dates, click on ‘Today’ and populate the box that pops up.
  4. Select your remaining search criteria and the hit ‘Search’.
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You can also use the Standard search type which may be preferable as unlike the Auction search type it allows you to search a range of sale dates. ? Under the Foreclosure Details criteria just set the “Current” sale date to the sale date or date range you want.


You can definitely search using this criteria in PropertyRadar’s new application as well! ?Please contact support if you need any assistance setting up searches.