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search foreclosures by county

Using 'Search Foreclosures" function - i can’t seem to search by County.? Is that possible ?? I know I can use it for the Daily Auction search - but I want to search properties on a date range of trustee sale dates.

Hi Marty,

Not speaking for PR Support (and if issue persists, you should send PR Customer Support a message via clicking on the ? icon in upper right corner of app)… but the way it should work under Foreclosure Search module, is to first click on the SEARCH OPTIONS tab (upper right) and then choose LOCATION and (all CA)? counties are right there under the pull-down (select-from) menu. Select your desired county and then hit the blue SEARCH button … and bingo there you go!?

Many other ways (search criteria you input) to search as well … very cool … have a look at recent PR webinar >

and more webinars coming soon?

And as far as searching counties by a ‘date range’ under the PR Trustee Sale Schedule module … that can be done as well. Click into the module (Trustee Sale Schedule) and if you’re new (1st time user) then you can set a default (favorite) county under ‘settings.’ But there is also a pull-down ‘select-from’ menu to choose any CA county. There is also a Set-Date-or-Range link … and after clicking that link you will see a date range window (From - To) with two calendars to set your date range. Set your desired date range and choose the ?foreclosure status you’re looking for (or leave @ default), and any other avail search criteria you desire, and then hit the blue SEARCH button … and there you go!

unfortunately, the first response applies to daily auction search - i see the counties - no issue. But…when you go to foreclosure search, it only lets you put in a city or zip code. ?Unfortunately, the foreclosure search is the only module that lets me do multiple date ranges.

I’ll keep playing and hope someone from PR customer service responds – thank you very much !

Hi Marty … under Foreclosure Search … sounds like you may be typing immediately into the Address or City(s) or Zip(s) or Radar ID window w/o first clicking on the more detailed ‘SEARCH OPTIONS’? … if you click on the aforementioned, you can drill down further by setting more specific search criteria (click ‘SEARCH OPTIONS’ and you should see):?

Foreclosure / Location / Property Details / Value & Equity / More / My Data / Summary

You can click on any of the above tabs to refine your search criteria … and it sounds like you wanted to drill into a specific county under a trustee sale date range? If you click on Location… you will see the pull-down ‘select from’ menu and can therein choose your desired county. You can also go to the Foreclosure tab and set the foreclosure stage you’re looking for (e.g. Preforeclosure, Auction, etc.) and and select ‘date range’ (From - To) for Trustee Sale Details. There are other ‘date range’ options there too (Prior and Original)

Not sure if this is the ‘mission’ you’re trying to accomplish??

thanks - I’ve been playing around a bit - and I see the source of confusion.?? I think the above ONLY applies to PropertyRadar and not ForeclosureRadar. I’m searching for Nevada auctions (not available in PropertyRadar) and the options you describe are not available :frowning:

It’s a bit confusing because when you select “support” or “forum” it takes you here which is titled “Property Radar” – the PR system seems like an overhaul of the FR system. I guess I’ll have to wait for them to migrate the Nevada data to get the search I need.? Right now it seems limited to City/Zip.? Thank you !

Yep … the new/improved Property Radar is currently CA only … I suspect other states will come on board in due time and likely match the FR footprint.

PropertyRadar does now cover additional areas including CA, AZ, NV, OR, & WA at this moment. ?For current, up to date coverage areas, please visit