Only Showing Foreclosures

Hi, Kind of new to the platform and having trouble getting in touch with anyone who works here… I’m trying to use the map to create a few lists, but it’s only showing me properties that are in the process of foreclosing. I’ve tried to X out of the criteria at top of the page and also manually un-check the foreclosure criteria on the left side of the screen only for it to re-check itself once I hit update criteria. Is this a glitch? Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else ever experience this?

Hi Sidney,
Our support team is off on the weekends but can help first thing Monday. Simply click the (?) icon in the upper right corner of the app to start a chat. It sounds like you may have signed up for ForeclosureRadar, rather than PropertyRadar. Our ForeclosureRadar package is less expensive but it does limit your search to only properties in foreclosure. The team can check that and get you switched to the right package. Their average response time during business hours (6am to 6pm pacific Monday to Friday) is just 2-3 minutes.