Are there properties missing from ForeclosureRadar?

Recently your website has been missing a few properties that are on the docket for that day. i track every home in the county and there have been a few that the auctioneers call off that i do not have from the foreclosureradar list from that day. i know they are on the trustee’s websites, but dont show up on yours? any thoughts? i love your site and would be lost without it, but this is starting to bother me. thanks.

It may be that we are running a bit behind in that county due to problems getting data from the county recorders office. The core issue is that notices of trustee sale only have to be recorded 14 days before the sale. We typically publish new notices within 3-10 days, but in some problematic counties we are occasionally farther behind. Feel free to email for the current status of your county.