Incomplete Foreclosure Listing

I have got a booklet of auction homes to be auctioned in this month. However I have found MOST? of these homes in the booklet? are NOT listed in forecloureradar.
Anyone? know why most? of the auction homes are NOT listed in Foreclosureradar?

If you have a booklet, then these are not foreclosure auctions (or more formally “trustee sales”), they are instead bank owned home auctions, probably being held by a company like REDC.
The reason you aren’t finding many of them in ForeclosureRadar is that they have likely been bank owned for a long time. We currently only keep bank owned homes in our list for 120 days. The original thinking was that after this period of 120 days the properties are likely listed and information would be available from other sources (like your REDC booklet) so there was no reason for us to continue to show them.
What we have come to learn is that many of our customers do still want to look these up in our system as we have a bunch of unique data on them, like how much the lender was willing to discount at the foreclosure auction, how long ago it was foreclosed on, etc. So in our next release we are adding a feature to search “historical” foreclosure records which will solve this problem. Until then, please hang in there with us.

When is the next release scheduled that will carry this information noted above?

Hi Ellen - we have not yet announced the release date but it is getting very close. Within 60 days.

What Sean mentioned above, plus so much more has been added to PropertyRadar’s service. ?To learn more, please visit