Can I access a bank owned properties list, and a lender contact list using ForeclosureRadar?

I would like to know how I can access the list of bank owned properties and how to contact the lender to purchase one.

Select the county or city you are interested in from the Location category in Search. Then open the Foreclosure Details category to select only the bank owned properties.
The bank name is provided in the Opportunity Details tab of each property. You can then contact the asset manager at the foreclosing bank. As a reference, we recommend The Lane Guide which provides contact numbers for many banks.

You can also conduct an “historical records” search for Bank Owned properties.?We currently only keep bank owned homes in our active list for 120 days. The original thinking was that after this period of 120 days the properties are likely listed and information would be available from other sources so there was no reason for us to continue to show them.

What we have come to learn is that many of our customers do still want to look these up in our system as we have a bunch of unique data on them, like how much the lender was willing to discount at the foreclosure auction, how long ago it was foreclosed on, etc.

first time poster here??? foreclosureradar is only for California??? if so is there any? other sites similar to it.?? I live in North Carolina

Yes, ForeclosureRadar is still CA only. Go to the following link if you’d like for us to notify you when we make it out your way: PropertyRadar Coverage. ?Not aware of any sites similar to ours, but you can get basic foreclosure notice information from nationwide sites like RealtyTrac or

PropertyRadar’s new application now covers a much larger area, including all of CA as well as most of the more populated counties in AZ, NV, OR, and WA. ?Please visit see a detailed, up to date list of coverage areas.