Looking up properties sold to 3rd parties

I’m doing some research on past properties that have been sold to 3rd parties and was wondering if I could find out at which court they sold? It seems to have all the information but missing this, thanks.

Hi Steve,
CA is a non-judicial foreclosure state so the trustee sale is not a function of the court. In many counties the sales are held on the courthouse steps which may be why you are looking for a court. In one county in CA the sales are held at a community park in the center of town. The Trustee can hold a sale in any public place they have selected and defined on the Notice of Trustee Sale. The sale location can be found in ForeclosureRadar by clicking on the NTS link found on the property details page.

If I have a property that sold to a third party at a Trustee sale that only reflects the address and the amount it was sold for, would Foreclosure Radar be able to get : a) previous owner’s name and b) property profile prior to the trustee sale?
How long ago would it be able to search for these info?
Can Foreclosure radar search for previous trustee sales? and how far back?

Hi Vinci, ForeclosureRadar provides a transaction history showing the previous owner and loan information. We started tracking auctions in CA in 2006. For a complete list of our coverage areas and timelines you can go to http://www.foreclosureradar.com/coverage.

How does one review historical auctions in a particular area. For example, if I want to see what properties in zipcode 10128 sold at auction in the past year so I can understand typical auction discounts and timings…

Hi Rocky, We show all sales for 120 days by default. If you just check bank owned and sold to 3rd and press print you will see all sales over the past 120 days. If you want to search for the past year you would check the box to “include historical records” and set a date range under Sale Date-CURRENT.