List of buyers of foreclosed properties

I would like to know if the names of the companies or individuals who buy at auctions are available to the public? Who are the winning bidders?

The persons who buy at the acution are not always the same as the way the property is vested and recorded. But you could get a good idea of who is the actual buyer of a property by searching Trustees Deed at the county recorder’s office. For example, we have an SCorp for the purpose of buying and flipping. But I am personally the bidder, or agent and act as the buyer at the sale.

For Alameda and Contra Costa counties…Inter-City Express publishes the names of the buyers. Other counties probably have similiar newspapers

Thanks for taking the time to pass along your tip. I’ll check that paper to see if they also do SD.

Thanks for the tip.I’ll give it a try. If you need any $ for your Fix & flips give me a call. 80% on purchases up to 65% ARV.

ForeclosureRadar tracks all properties sold and trustee sale and shows their names as the current owner once the trustees deed is recorded. We currently cover CA, WA, OR, NV and AZ.

As Richard mentioned above - the name on the Trustee’s Deed doesn’t tell you who the real bidder was. Professional bidders in Ca., because of a weird change in State Income Tax law a few years back, are forced to take title in an LLC, Corp. or Partnership to avoid $$ of “penalties”.
You will get the address of the buyer, of course. As Michelle said, that’s some of the info you get here on FR.