Where to find list of upcoming courthouse steps auction properties

I would like to find out where you go to find out which properties are going to be sold on the courthouse steps in a particular county? How do the people doing it now find out ahead of time so they can inspect the property prior to the auction and do the tax research, etc.?
Are the foreclosure sales on the courthouse steps the same as Tax Default sales the counties hold?

If you do not want to pay the subscription fee, Look for the ‘Notice of Trusty sale’ at the recorders office. Those two sales are completely different.

So this website will provide a list of all the properties available at the courthouse steps for different counties if you pay the subscription fee?

yes, they have a free trial period too. listen to the tutorials, otherwise the site will not have much sence. it is easy to cancel too. good luck.

Hi Eric - we track every foreclosure all the way through the foreclosure process in five states: AZ, CA, NV, OR and WA.

Lena’s right that you can get the notices from the recorders office, but that is a time consuming process and still requires that you build a database to store and track them.

More importantly though we track all the postponements, sales and cancellations, so you don’t have to. We are the only site that does this for more than a handful of counties and we do it at lower cost and with far superior tools than any other provider.

You can try it free for 3 days by signing up here: https://www.foreclosureradar.com/register