?? i have run into problems with your maps that are on each individual property. they will have me in a completely different part of town than the actual address is located. This happens when it is a newly constructed home and i am thinking it is because mapquest doesnt recognize the address yet. is there anything that you can do to rectify this problem? just curious, I am in a smallish town so it only loses me a little bit of time, but it can be frustrating at times.
Also, i print all the foreclosures one week prior and check them out them out ahead of time, but lately properties have been popping up on the auction lists the day of the say. how could this happen? dont you have notice of sale at least 30 days before they are set to be sold at auction?
just two small problems, but keep up the great work, i love reading your blog, and your website is great!


Hi Brent - The mapping issue definitely happens a lot in new subdivisions that mapquest hasn’t yet geocoded, and occaisionally with other properties it is unable to match. Unfortunately there are too many for us to figure it out by hand, so I’m not sure there is much we can do at this point.
The notice of trustee sale only has to be recorded 14 days before the sale. Our typical lead time from recording to having them in our system is 5 to 10 days - it varies by county. Some counties, like Alameda, really suck to work with and can be longer at times. Two things help a bit - many trustees record the notice of sale quite a bit more than 14 days in advance, and most sales postpone at least once. Still there are times, especially in difficult counties, where we get the notice the day of or even after the first sale date. We of course are always working hard to try to eliminate that.