finnacing options at auction?

Are there any auctions that allow? financing options in Sacramento county? If so where’s the best place to find them?

? ?The only County where there are lender(s) on the steps every day to make loans to PROFESSIONAL buyers is Oakland. ?They require the buyer to have 30% of the purchase price, they put up 70%. ? They also can make loans in a few other Bay Area counties. ?They have made a couple loans in Sacto in the past, but the logistics is really too much. ?

? ? ?There are a couple of lenders who have sent out flyers state wide - but I don’t know how they work. ?Definitely don’t put up cashier’s checks on the steps.

? ? ? ?(don’t ask users, here, the opinion of their operation) says they can set up a line of credit to finance purchase at their fcl. sales.