Investor assistance

I’m an investor looking for assistance developing a business strategy in Santa Clara County. Any experienced auction buyers out there?

Care to elaborate JH? There a many “steps” investors here … some have more $ than experience and others plenty of savvy/aptitude but would like to raise more cash for steps acquisitions. What aspects do you need help with?

JH, Are you currently a Investor in Res. / or Comm. Iam A Ca. Broker, but iam not sure that buying at aution is a good strategy to pursue in are current market conditions (very risky venture with out alot of research and Knowledge in that area), there are many different was to take advantage of are current market condition, Most importantly is what is your desired out come and how involved do you want to be or have the time to be? I may have some ideas for you to pursue depending on your desired Investment Goals. Mark D.

Another option is to invest in a real estate fund, like our company has, so as to pool your money with other investors. This allows you to buy more than you could as a single investor and gives more flexibility and potential profit. You also will do a lot less work and will have shared liability.

If you are interested in going the fund route, send us an email to and we can discuss some details.