For Sale By Owner (FSBO) on properties purchase at Trustee Sale?

Hi Sean, I finally secure the property and get ready to list it. however i want to save seller agent commission and plan to do it myself as “for sale by owner or fsbo”. i bought this property at court step auction. so is it legal to use the term “foreclosure” in my listing or would it consider and fraud advertisement i’m not the bank foreclosed it? i’m confused. also, i want to list the house “as is” no warrant etc… where can i get a copy of an addendum? any suggestions to help successful list and sell the house quick. i’m new to real estate flip. any advises will be appreciated. kathy

Hi Kathy - note that even though I’m a broker myself, I have almost always listed my flips with another agent or broker. A few reasons:

  1. A good agent will likely get you more money for the property.
  2. You benefit from their errors and omissions insurance. This alone is worth paying a Realtor in my humble opinion. In these crazy time folks tend to get litigious - better to have some protection.
  3. If you’re good at what you do, finding and fixing, your better off spending your time on that, than on things someone else is better at… listing and selling.Just my humble opinion. As to your questions. For forms check out ZipForms, or Professional Publishing. As for calling it a foreclosure, I see no issue - but remember I’m not an attorney, just my belief.