Grant deeds recorded after original NTS date

I am in the process of buying a REO. The property has an original NTS of 1/6/10, but the actual sale date didn’t take place until 6/16/10. During that period, the former owner signed 8 Grant Deed conceding 1/8 interest to the property each. My question is, does these Grant Deeds get wipe out at Trustee sale on 6/16? I am afraid that because the original NTS date was on 1/6/10, it didn’t pickup these Grant Deeds, which record between January - May. Subsequently could these Deeds still be attached to the property?

You will want to look at the recording date of the foreclosing Deed of Trust. If that is before the Grant Deeds (based on the date of the Notice of Trustee sale it is) then these Grant Deeds would be wiped out at the Trustee Sale. This sounds like the owner was trying to use this deed transfer as a stalling tactic.