Recontrust sale reversal

Why would a property show as sold to a 3rd party in 2010 and now be listed for auction again in 2011?

Hi Alan,
It sounds like the sale might have been rescinded. Check to see if the Trustees Deed was ever recorded. This does happen on occasion. If you want to send the address to the support team at we would be happy to looking into it for you.

Thank you Michelle. I haven’t gone to the recorders office to determine if the deed was recorded after the 3rd party sale. I will do that. Thanks for the advice. Regards, Alan

Hi Alan,
You can see the trustees deed in the transaction history on the property details page in ForeclosureRadar if there was one recorder.

Hi Michelle,

I went to the recorders office today and researched this property for recording of the 3rd party purchase at auction.

There was not a recording of the Trustee Deed from BAC to any 3rd party after the auction sale in September 2010.

There was a recording of another NTS in December 2010 stating something about compliance with CC 2923.5 on page 2 of the NTS.

Subsequently, a Grant Deed with Rent assignments was recorded at the end of December from the original owner to an Investment Trust for $0.

Sounds like a ploy tactic to delay the sale?

What are your thoughts?


Hi Alan,
If the trustees deed was not recorded following the sale then it is likely that the sale was rescinded. You are right in that this sounds like a delaying tactic.