How can I effectively define my target market?

Hey Community. I am new to marketing. I own a family eye and optical practice in Seattle. I’ve been looking into ways to reach new clients in the area and was curious if anyone had any recommendations on how to get started? Thanks!

Hey Alicia! It’s awesome you are taking the initiative to get more people seeing clearly ;). This is a great article on ways to define a target audience/market and it may help get the gears turning with some marketing strategies:

It ultimately boils down to understanding why people would want to use your services above your competitors.

Good luck!

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Start with trying to answer this question with as many details as possible:

Who are my best customers?

You mentioned “family eye practice” so I’m guessing “families” are part of that “best customer”.

So maybe young families. Parents of kids under the age of 10? Maybe they are new to the area that you serve.

I’m guessing people don’t drive 2 hours to get to your office - so location matters. What’s the “geographic region” that most of your customers live in?

The more you can describe your best customers in detail - the more you can target new customers that have the same characteristics.

For instance, a new homeowner in a 5 mile radius of your office, married, at leas one kid, purchased a home for at least $750,000?

Another way of thinking about your best customer is to think of your worst. A “not-A”. Folks you definitely do not want to reach as they are not good customers. The more you can define your “not-A” the better you can define your A.

You can also segment your best customers by different characteristics that may lead to better messaging to them. For instance, gender may lead to different styles of creative or copy.

Finally, if you’re really struggling to define your best customers it’s time to start striking up a conversation with your current customers and asking them questions:

How did you hear about our office?
Have you lived here a long time? Recently move?
How far away do you live?