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How can I find probate leads?

Does Property Radar provide leads for probates? Congrats on going national.

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PropertyRadar does not currently provide a criteria to find probate leads, however, we have many customers who focus on probate leads and use PropertyRadar to research properties & manage their workflow. The most effective way to find probate opportunities is to catch them before they become a public record. The way to do it is to watch the obituaries in the newspaper and user PropertyRadar’s Lookup feature (by owner name) to see if the deceased person owns any property in the area. If so, you will be able to look at the property profile to see if they own any other properties as well.
Check out this tutorial on how to use Lookup :grinning:


Thanks Kim. It sounds a little glib but this is a really powerful suggestion. Monitoring your local paper and/or obituaries - since most are online - gives you a head start on seeing these kinds of leads before they ever make it into the realm of public record. It may not always be a probate deal but the look up feature will help you with that as well.

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I never even thought about doing it that way. A list before it’s ever on anyone’s radar.

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