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How can I see what the winning bid was from past auctions?

I’m using ForeclosureRadar but cannot seem to find out how much they are selling for after going to auction. The Winning bid column doesn’t show anything.?I’ve looked in the transaction history details too, but there’s never any new recorded information showing up. I’ve gone back several months.

There are several ways to retrieve this info …?

  1. You should be able to find this info under the NTS Details (click on the link in the ’ open loans’ box to bring up NTS Details). NTS Details has most data you might need - Published/Opening and Winning Bid amount.?

  2. If you remember the auction date, you can go back in time to the ’ Daily Auction Schedule.’ If you have not already done so, there is a ’ customize’?button that allows you to add multiple fields to your view. Be sure to add Published/Open & Winning Bid to your view.?

  3. You can also quickly access this data under your ‘favorites’ (by star rating). Go to ’ Search Foreclosures’ ?.. then under the ‘F*oreclosure ’ pull down menu, select only ’ bank owned ’ and ’ sold to 3rd_’ (< this will narrow the field to only those properties that had a ‘winning bid’). Then go under ‘My Property’ pull down and select/narrow your search by the number of stars (e.g. four star and above). Now hit ‘Search.’ This will generate a list of properties that have sold at auction (assuming you gave them a rating). Click on a specific property and look under ‘open loans’ for the **NTS Details_*. Again, NTS Details should bring up the data you are looking for.?

In PropertyRadar’s new app you’d want to search for these using Foreclosure Search and the checkboxes for 3rd Owned for properties within eight months of sale and 3rd Held and 3rd Resold for properties sold more than eight months ago. ?You can also find some information on these within Transfer Search by using the “3rd” search options found there. ?You may need to add the “Winning Bid” column to your search results by going to Settings (gear icon, top right) then List View Columns where you can include this column.