how can i find out winning bid amount

I would like to know how I can find out what the winning bid actually was on a judicial foreclosure auction

Foreclosure Radar tracks/reports opening and winning bids. But NM is not currently in their coverage area. You can also visit the recorder’s office and check the trustees deed upon sale (typically recorded 5 to 10 days from sale) and look for the transfer tax paid. If you’re having any difficulty finding the trustee’s deed, it should be referenced under the current and previous (foreclosed upon) owner’s names. Once you know the transfer tax, using a bit of reverse engineering math, you can calculate the $ amount paid (winning bid) at the foreclosure auction. Just ask a staff member at the recorder’s office … they get this question frequently, and should be able to help you with this simple calculation.

Since this was a Judicial sale - all records should be in the Court file which is available to the public. ?In some states, Court filings are available online. ?If not, you’ll need to go to the Courthouse.