How do I confirm auction is cancelled, after having done a short sale on a property?

I check regularly to look for leads. One of my short sale listings closed July 27th yet it still shows up on with an active trustee sale date. All the other information on the site is current . The owner has been changed, the new loan info is there, but it still shows an active sale date. I contacted the negotiator by email and he says that the loan number does not show up in the system. Duh, the short sale closed. He said he cannot check it out with out a loan number which no longer exists. I did not represent the buyer but I would hate for the home to be sold at sale because there was a lack of communication between the short sale dept. and the foreclosure dept. That would create a huge mess for the new home owner. So my question is this, who do I contact to make sure the sale was canceled? It could be that AHMSI just didn’t update the sale info. but I would like to make sure.

Contact the trustee. Give them the trustee sale number and they should be able to confirm whether or not the sale has been canceled. It is not unusual for them not to announce the cancellation until the next scheduled auction sale date.

This happens a lot… only about 5 to 10 percent of properties listed for next day trustee sales actually get put on the auction platform. It likely mended itself before the days first opening.