Purchased a property, but foreclosureradar doesn't reflect it

Today I purchased a property at the courthouse steps. Foreclosureradar.com updated the property stating that it had been postponed a month. Is this most likely just some kind of error, or is it possible that the purchase has been voided for some reason? To complicate the matter, just yesterday the property was put up for auction as a short sale. Is it possible that the auction wasn’t supposed to occur since they are now attempting a short sale?

On a side note, when they mail the deed do they usually include keys to get into the home?

Hi Scott,
If you can email the address to support@foreclosureradar.com they will be happy to look this up and help you in any way possible. Have you contacted the trustee to see if they are rescinding the sale? If the sale does go through you will get the trustees deed but you will not get any keys. You need to call a locksmith as well as potentially evict or negotiate with any current occupants.