how do I get a cashiers check?

Most of my funds are at a bank that only gives official bank checks, and from what I understand that may not work at an auction. How do I get a cashiers check? do I have do move my funds to a new bank or is there another way?

Hi Vincent,
I have never heard of a bank that does not issue cashiers checks. You will definitely want to look at your options. Of course you can show up with cash (but that could be very dangerous).

Depends on what state you are in. Most states say something like “a check issued by a bank or savings institution in that state”. In the days where savings and loans were major financial institutions, many did not issue a “draft” called “cashier’s check”. Different terms were used, the most common being “Official Check”. That term is still used to some extent.
There were times, years ago, when Trustee’s often conducted themselves in a fashion to chill bidding. One method was to disallow various forms of good funds. See Baron v. Colonial (an app. case in Ca.) (1980) 111 Cal. App. 3d 316 …