How do you start a conversation with a seller in defaultat their front door?

This wil be my first time out with this list of NOD’s . What do I say to the owner when they open the door?


Did you ever get a response on how to talk to NOD homeowners when they open the door? I am curious.


Hi Virginia! I am new to this forum and read your post on what to say to the homeowner when they open the door…I was curious to know if you had recieved any feedback on this outside of this forum…Thanks!

Virginia, you should say to the homeowner with the new HAFA rules… Hi I am just trying to inform people about the new short sales rules that might help homeowners in problem with paying a full mortgage payment. Always start with mentioning the loan modification first. Then they know you are trying to help them keep their home. If they cannot qualify for that then explain the short sales. Hope this helps

The ultimate goal is to get them talking. The most successful agents that I have talked to use information. There are various sources of info you can use to start the conversation. If you want to talk specifically about a notice on their home then use the foreclosure timeline or a glossary of terms. I talk to a lot of folks that don’t know how the process works or even how much time they have left. Some agents even have a list of civil codes that protect homeowners from scammers and talk about “their rights as a homeowner”. If you are the non-confrontation type then you can use a recent bank owned listing in the area. If you know a property that was recently taken back by the bank then use that to look for buyers or even to help keep people informed so they can easily spot vandals. Everyone wants to know what is happening in their area so this is an easy way to start the conversation. You can then say something like “unfortunately for the folks that owned this property time ran out but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the new programs that are out there homeowners have options”. When I have used this in talking to people it always amazes me how they come back with something like, “do you think so” or “I am one of those people on your list”. Again, if you can get them talking you can then figure out if you can help them. If you are a subscriber to ForeclosureRadar I highly suggest using the Map Overview. I was talking to someone who was in the process of getting a modification but was worried about losing their job and having to short sell. They were concerned about how that would make them look. When I showed the map overview and they could see the number of homes that were in the foreclosure process the next question they asked was “do you think I should short sale now?”. You can also use rental information. Most people facing foreclosure start to look at their options when it comes to rentals. If you have a rental in the area, that would be a great piece of information to start a conversation. Also, never underestimate the power of a story. If you know of someone that has restarted their life after a foreclosure or a short sale tell that story. People need to see that there is always HOPE and plenty of life after losing a home. I am a firm believer that homeownership is the American Dream but we are also the Land of Second Chances. You can lose it all and go bankrupt and be back on top in a short period of time (this is not a life sentence). As long as you are out there helping people figure out how to get their lives restarted and approach this with that attitude you should never have a shortage of people to talk to. We will recover from this housing crisis ONE homeowner at a time. I hope that all of the GOOD agents are out there talking to people because I know that the people who are trying to take advantage of folks are really good at saying the things that vulnerable people want to hear. I hope this information helps all of the Good people.



Thank you SO MUCH! I really appreciate and value your input. I will definitly implement your ideas. Thank you

Hi Robert Yes, I did receive a GREAT response from “Michele” Great ideas which I am going to implement now! good luck to you too.