How reliable or accurate is the posted loan position of the foreclosing lender?

Is the loan position determined by someone at actually going through the records at the county recorder office or?is it?generated by a computer program ? If it’s the latter has the algorithm been validated ? If it’s posted does it mean?it’s right?? Have there been cases where it’s posted wrong ?
Why is it sometimes?blank ? Does it mean you did not have enough data or couldn’t figure it out ?
In the particular case that I’m interested in, it’s posted as the 1st but I couldn’t figure out why. The foreclosing lender is 3rd in time. I?went to the county recorder office and couldn’t find any subordination agreement nor any record of the 1st being paid off. The foreclosing lender?is?a HELOC and it was used to pay off the 2nd. So it appears?to me it should be?2nd. How did you determine that it’s the 1st? I can provide you with copies of the records if you want.

If you read our user agreement or disclaimer you’ll see that it clearly states that our estimated values, equity, and loan positions are all based on computer models with NO human verification. There are quite a few situations where they are incorrect. We are constantly working to improve these models, but you still must verify results before making a purchase.
TO BE CLEAR - You must do your own due diligence. The information we gather is from public records and is subject to a variety of errors. Having bought over 150 homes at auction I can tell you that there are risks. Even title companies miss things - which is the whole reason for title insurance. If you can’t afford to take that risk, you shouldn’t buy at auction.
So why do we even bother with esitmated values, equity and loan positions? Because with 80,000 new notices a month it helps narrow down the list so you can focus on the ones most likely to be worth researching. But no service, and in fact, not even a preliminary report from a title company, should be completely relied on. Title insurance exists for a reason. And while buying at auction can be very profitable, you must understand the risks