I bought a condo in auction and have trustee's deed recorded in county recorder, what is next step I need to go

what I need to do after I have the trustee’s deed recorded? I don’t know how to pay the HOA, how to pay the property tax, and what document I am waiting for.

  1. You said you already have and recorded the Trustee’s Deed.
  2. There is nothing else to “wait for”.
  3. Is the property vacant?
  4. Find out from a neighbor who manages the HOA.
  5. Contact the tax collector’s office to find out if you owe back taxes. You should have determined if there were back taxes before bidding. In most (all?) counties you can get this info online.
  6. Some HOAs will try to con you into paying back dues. You don’t owe them.

thanks, miket.

  1. I contacted the HOA and want to pay the fee, but HOA tell me that I should wait until they get the document from the title company. does the title compay would mail a document to HOA?
  2. after I have the trustee deed recorded in county. the deed is kept in county. how long does it will be mailed back to me
  3. the property is not vacant, I make an agreement with the tenant, the tenant rent my house for 3 months.

For some dumb reason they want to verify w. a title company you are now the new owner. When you get the Deed from the Trustee (usually takes less than 2 weeks) - take it to the recorder for recording with a copy. They will stamp the copy w. the recording info. Contrary to popular belief, once recorded, you never have need for the original again. They will mail the original back to you within 1 to 6 weeks - depending on which county. Some are slow. If you send a copy of the copy of the recorded Deed to the HOA, they should then change their records.