I just bought a house at auction and the owner claims that she never got a notice on her door.

I just bought a house at auction and the owner claims that she never got a notice on her door and while she knew she was delinquent and had many notices mailed to her she did not know the sale was imminent. She said she has been dealing with a seriously ill family member and had been putting off the mortgage issue. (While I have not verified the story yet about the illness my gut take is that it is true.) My question is should I just let the sale stand a press forward, or should I help her to see if all the proper legal steps were taken and help her reverse the sale if need be. She does not have a lot of band width now and probably the only way the sale would be rescinded is if I would help her. I am incline to help her even though it would in the end if I am successful it would be worse for me. (I am a low volume sales buyer and I only buy a couple houses a year.)

The posting company that is hired to put the notice on the door took a picture of the notice on the door. That is their job. I’m not sure if you can ask for the picture, you would have to speak to the trustee. So, there is a 99% chance that the notice was on the door. It could have blown off, but highly unlikely.

I had a holdover tenant claim they didn’t know the house was going to sale - they never saw a notice. Went down to the HOA office and they had a record of the notice posting and a copy of it. So, it’s probably hogwash.

What might have happened is that a notice was posted on the door many months ago and there were several postponements. So, when it finally sold it may come as a surprise to the occupant.

Agree w. the above. Besides, she got mailed notices - both by regular mail and certified mail. She admitted she was avoiding dealing w. the mtg. I am sure you bought the property because the lender dropped the bid way below what was owing. You would be doing her no favor by keeping her in a home where the loan is much higher than the value of the property. AND you would wind up losing big bucks by screwing around.