The Notice of Sale was not posted on the property.On...


Previous Trustee Sale postponed for over one-year due to BK filing. BK discharged and the new Notice of Sale was not posted on the property.Only certified letters received. Can Trustee Sale be stopped due to incomplete publishing of sale?


You’ve held off the sale a long time, likely causing considerable loss to the lender given the market drop over that time. I don’t know your situation, but if you can’t pay the mortgage, you really ought to consider moving on.
Do note that most posting and publishing companies are VERY careful to take a picture of the notice clearly posted on the property, often from an angle which shows the address in the picture. And the trustee almost certainly has confirmation from the posting company that the notice was posted as a matter of practice.
Finally the point of the notice is to make you aware of the sale. Sounds like the certified letter accomplished that, so it would likely be difficult to argue how you were harmed even if the posting did not occur.
Sorry that I’m not more supportive.