If the foreclosure date is set for say September 9, can it move it up without any warning or notice?

Would anyone know, since I don’t want any surprises, I’ve heard from some folks that the bank foreclosed on them without their knowledge, but don’t know if it was because they changed the date or they just didn’t know.

If the Notice of Sale has been recorded and the sale date set they would not move the sale to an earlier date. They could postpone the sale and set a new sale date without rerecording, posting or publishing a new notice.

Thank you Michelle…

In my experience those who claim no knowledge usually get confused later in the process. You should know that if you reach agreement with the lender to postpone the sale - for example with a trial loan mod - they can later sell the home without further notice, so long as they have continued to postpone the sale. I’ve purchased multiple homes where folks had agreements, then missed a payment, after which the bank immediately foreclosed - which the homeowner did not realize was possible.