How early is auction date set?

When I do a search for properties that will be sold in an auction, when is this date set? For example if I do a search for auctions two weeks from now, will those results change a lot by the actual auction date?

Hi Steve,
In California the Notice of Trustee Sale must be posted, published and recorded 20 days prior to the sale. The Notice of Sale officially sets the sale date. Keep in mind that is for new sale dates. There are properties with existing sale dates that are postponing and the new date could be set at any time. They can postpone for a day, week (s) or until the following month. This is why you may see additional properties added to the list of properties going to sale just days before the sale date and why you always want to check for updates.

Thanks Michelle, I was wanting to do at least a drive by on the properties I’m interested in but the last minute changes will make that difficult I guess.