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Postponement Date

I am new to Foreclosure Radar and am trying to understand the data presented under the Auction Search tab. I am interested in a couple of specific properties listed to go to sale shortly and are noted “postponed”. Does this mean the original sale was postponed and the auction rescheduled for the date shown or that the sale will be postponed and I need to check back for the new date? Is it possible to tell from the filing date or other data how likely a property is postponed?

If there is a sale date for today or a future date then the postponement reason refers to a prior sale date. If it says original under the postponement column then this means this is the first sale date as it appears on the Notice of Trustee Sale. If the sale that is scheduled is postponed then you will see a new sale date set for days/weeks later. Whatever is showing as the current sale date is still the “active” sale date.

What Michelle stated holds true for PropertyRadar’s new app as well, the sale date is updated to the current date after each postponement is added.