Properties will auction

How do I determine in Foreclosureradar if the property will be auction for that day instead of postponement. What’s the status symbol to determine if the property will be auction for that day. I don’t want to look at Postponement, BK, Ben Request.

In ForeclosureRadar, if you go to the Daily Auction Schedule, the properties scheduled for auction on that day, will be sorted in your list view under yellow folders labeled; Active, Cancelled, Postponed (Bank Owned & Sold to 3rd if auction already occured). ?If the property is in the postponed folder, then the Trustee sale on that property has been postponed to future date and the new auction date is listed. ?If the property is under the ACTIVE folder, then it is currently scheduled for auction on the day you are searching. ?However, there are no guarantees that it will indeed go to auction if showing in the Active folder, the trustee or the lender could still postponed or cancelled the sale up until the actual auction date and time listed.

As Patricia stated, many sales that are supposedly still scheduled will be postponed at literally the last minute. ?Even in cases where an opening bid has been posted are often postponed. ?In Az., to avoid a lot of wasted time by bidders, Trustees are required to have the opening bid the day before. ? ?This still doesn’t mean a sale won’t be postponed at the last minute.