illegalTenants and Family of owner's rights

I bought a two unit house, in Los Angeles, on the court house steps. The daughter of the owner lives in the main unit and has rented out rooms to THREE additional parties. No one has a lease and the daughter claims to have paid her mom (the owner of record) some money. I plan to live in the house as a single family residence. If $4keys doesn’t work, can I give daughter 3 days to quit (as family of owner) or does she get 90 days (remember, she has no lease)? Also, do illegal tenants get 90 days? And do legit tenants, renting month to month get 90 days? I have been reading the posts carefully and have not found this addressed. I want to be fair and I need to get going! Please help me with these various time lines. Also thanks for all the great info in general.

JC in SL

I would start out aggressive. Serve everyone a 3-day notice. In theory, a “valid” lease needs to be arms-length, not something cooked up between family members.
You should concurrently serve a 30 day notice - at least as far as the “tenants” are concerned. Tenants are entitled to at least 30 days, but they need to pay rent. Their 3-day should be a “notice to pay rent or quit”. The 3 day to family members should be a simple 3-day to quit as holdovers after fcl. (mind is blank at this late hour, forget code section).