squatters or friends of previous owners

What are the rights of tenants that are friends of the previous owners? Purchased the house last week and tired cash for keys. Should I served a 3 day or 30 day notice to get the ball rolling

It will either be a 3 day notice or a 90 day notice, not a 30 day notice. If you know they are friends or related to the trustor, then they would bot have the rights of a bona fide tenant. Be sure you know which 3 day notice to file. Should get their attention. If they claim to be tenants, then ask for the rental agreement and copies of cancelled checks or rent receipts.

Thank you Richard. I was going to call the attorney that said to file a 30 day and ask him to clarify (don’t understand the 30 day?). I do understand that I am a novice when it comes to tenants and squatters. My real estate agent only knows the bank’s protocol and he thinks we should just wait and see? What type of 3 day notice are you referring to? I know my city just adopted the same legislation that protects tenants (like San Fran). I do know the current occupants expect more then 1000 for cash for keys but I would rather spend that on lawyer fees if I knew I could work on the horrible pink paint job and the outside landscaping while we work through the legal system. There is no lease- only wanting more money. Can I serve a squatter a 3 day notice? Any advice. I have looked everywhere…

If you don’t know their relationship to the trustor, you could serve a 3 day notice per CA CCP 1161a & 1162. If they don’t respond, you could get a default judgement. If they respond, then you will have more clarity as to who they claim they are. You definitely need a good evicition attorney to help you.

I missed some steps. If they do not move out in 3 days, then you would file the UD complaint, then they would respond or not. You need a lawyer for this.