Purchased a house last week at trustee auction. I believed it to be owner occupied because of the mailing address. We showed up and apparently there are ‘friends of the owners’ just staying there. They were just waiting for the ‘knock on the door.’ Of course they said they would be out by the 1st of the month but were having trouble coming up with a deposit for their other place. We had our real estate agent tell them that we would offer them 1000 dollars to be out by the 1st. Well it is getting harder and harder to make contact with hiim and now he says he may be able to be out between the 1-10th. Can I serve them with a 3 day or do I have to serve them with a 30 day notice? I’m sure these friends have talked to their friends and they are expecting more money. I just don’t want to be wasting more time and want to get the ball rolling. The house is in Merced CA and the city has just pased a tennant law much like San Fran (so I am told). Anyone run into this problem? No lease verbal or otherwise…

If they have no lease, I’d serve them w. a 3-day. Name the former owner, the names of any of the squatters (if you know), and Does I-X. Since you haven’t done this before, you should hire an atty. to file the UD. If they want to fight, they would need to file a claim of right to possession.

I just had the same experiace took 6 months to get the squatters out the sheriff actually escorted them off the property the next night they stripped the house all the way including the garage door NASTY one.
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