Homeowner won't leave vacant house.

We recently purchased a vacant home at Trustee Sale. After the sale we changed the locks on all but one door, and left a note for the prior owners (who apparently come by frequently) asking them to remove the personal items that they had left in the home and garage. Not the smartest thing to do, I know. My husband went there this morning. Apparently, last night the prior owners returned, changed the locks again, and won’t let my husband in. They are NOT living there, but won’t leave. What are our options?

Never mind. The police threw them out last night.

Hi Lani,
That is great news. I just discussed this with someone and they thought you may be stuck having to evict them. Glad to hear things worked out!!

The funny thing was, the guy had some kind of Squatters Handbook that he was waiving around trying to convince the police that he had rights. The officer said that he heard that they were giving seminars in San Francisco. Thanks for the response. This site is more than helpful.

That is hysterical!! Thanks for sharing. We are so glad things worked out.