Is is possible to upload and attach a title report to a property profile for viewing by my team?


We are a two person team, one is road based and we are seldom in the same place. Is it possible for property title information and an excel spreadsheet to be uploaded to the F.R. property profile for the other teammate to review online?


At this time you can enter notes and photos but you cannot upload or import other data into the site. We will certainly pass this request on to our development team for future consideration. ?(UPDATED: see below responses)


Its a great idea. (UPDATED: See below post)


PropertyRadar’s new application still allows you to upload photos and notes, but there is now an option to upload and store files as well! ?With that and the free team functionality ( you can now definitely upload documents to PropertyRadar that your partners can then review! ?Learn more about PropertyRadar’s new features at!