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Adjusting Results List View Columns

I really like your service, it is by far the best foreclosure search site that I’ve used. There is one very simple feature that I would like to request though. When I “View My Saved Properties”, there are no columns available for sale dates, opening bids and winning bids. It is very annoying having to click on the property and then click again on the foreclosure summary to get that info.

Hey Tom,
Great question and suggestion and we appreciate you asking in the Forums. If you want to see the current sale information on your saved properties do not go to View My Saved Properties in the main menu. Instead use Search Foreclosures and then under MyProperty (to the right of the foreclosure tab in more search options) select Saved-Yes and hit Search. This will give you a list of your saved properties with the current foreclosure status.
If you need additional help please email us at

In PropertyRadar’s new application you can also customize the columns displayed in your results list view. ?You can display different customized columns in each search type. ?To do this, follow these steps:

Log into PropertyRadar’s new app (

Click on Settings (gear icon, top right)

Click on List View Columns

Check the boxes for the info you’d like to see, uncheck the boxes you don’t need

In your results list view you can also drag and drop columns by their header to organize them to your liking.