Is the entire cost of the foreclosure due immediately?

Do I need to bring a cashiers check for the entire price of the house to auction or do I have a few days to come up with the entire cost?

I’m looking to buy in santa clara county.

You have to pay in full at the trustee sales. Cashiers checks are the best way to do it. We typically recommend making the checks out to yourself, then simply sign them over to whichever trustee is appropriate when you win one.

How do you know how much to get a cashiers check for if you haven’t won the auction yet? I mean, you don’t typically know how high you’re going to have to bid?

What rule of thumb do you use for the amount of the cachiers check to get?

Just get the check for the maximum you are willing to bid. The trustee will email you a refund for the difference typically within a few days, and rarely more than 2 weeks.