Loan Broker Wanted With Auction Savy

I have successfully purchased two houses. One as an REO and the other at auction. Foreclosure Radar has filled the gap in data that I was needing and has increased my learning tremendously. I want to buy a few more houses but I am running into delays in refinancing my purchases. I have a near 800 FICO, good income and the houses were purchased with cash. I am renting them, so I need non-owner occupied financing. I am assuming 70% to 75% LTV , 30 year fixed rate. I would appreciate any help in finding a broker who understands the nuances of properties bought at auction and can expedite the refinancing process.

Shoot me an email and we will see what we can do to help you.

We are a group that has switched from purchasing foreclosures to providing finance for them once they are purchased. If this is something that could help you out, send me an email at: