Order to Abate...who is responsible if it is not recorded

A ?house is scheduled for foreclosure…tacked on the front door is AN ORDER TO ABATE A NUISANCE ?IT ALSO HAS A BILL FROM THE CITY FOR $18,000 ?THE FINES WERE NOT RECORDED is ?the buyer at the trustee sale responsible for the fines?

While you’d think the amount would be wiped out (and perhaps legally they should be), I’ve personally had problems with these - especially if the unpaid fines roll over to the county assessor and get tacked on to the property tax bill. Problem then is that property taxes are superior. I personally think this is questionable, and perhaps someone else has fought this and won, but I’ve usually ended up escalating it within the city to try to get the amount reduced or removed, and then rolling over if they were stubborn about. Personally I’d only buy it with enough room to pay it, and then try to get rid of it and get a little extra upside.