Possible to go after previous owner for back property taxes


I know that the new owner is responsible to pay all current and past property taxes when they buy a property at auction, but I was wondering if it is possible to try to collect money from the previous owner for the property taxes they didn’t pay while living/owning the house. I know it’s probably not likely to get any money from the previous owner for this, but I was just wondering if it is an option.

You can always ask (wear a flack jacket) … but post foreclosure, there is probably “none chance” of getting a previous owner to pay back taxes on the property he/she formerly owned. A previous owner may face some deficiency liabilities on his/her now defaulted loans, but property taxes follow the property … and after a “steps” (trustees sale) sale the county will “collect” from the new owner.

Thanks for your answer Danny. I really appreciate it.