SFH being auctioned at trustee sale, property taxes show a different name?

There is a house near me that is being auctioned off tomorrow. ?The county recorders office shows lots of records pertaining to one guy, call him OwnerA. ?It looks like he owns the place, has a mortgage, had a lien for foreclosure put against him etc. ?The same stuff I’m seeing with other auctions. ?But, when I went to do a search on the property taxes, it showed the mailing address for the property taxes as going to someone with a totally different name (at the same address) for the past 2 years (I can’t see back more than 2 years).

I can’t think of why someone would be paying the property taxes but not paying the mortgage, and I can’t understand why there would be a different name on the property tax website/bill.

Is this a red flag, or no big deal?

Hi Chris … This shouldn’t make any difference in a foreclosure proceeding. It is possible the person paying the taxes is doing so in lieu of paying rent to reside at the same residence as the owner? But more likely there is some formal (recorded) or ‘side arrangement’ related to title. Just to satisfy your curiosity, you might check all grant deeds to see if this person was ever ‘on title’ or granted partial (% share) ownership. Regardless, every ones knows the sad truth … we have to pay taxes :wink: … sooner or later ;(.