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Property Radar/Foreclosure Radar in Utah?

Hello we are considering relocating to Southern Utah as we are getting pretty tired of CA. Is Property Radar/Foreclosure Radar planning on expanding into Utah anytime soon? If not, can someone recommend me an equivalent site that covers the southern Utah area??



Hi Lance -

Utah is beautiful, I am especially fond of ?St. George, UT! ?

We do not have coverage for Utah at this time. ?We have plans for future expansion but we do not currently have a release date for adding new areas to our current coverage. ??

If you contact a local title company Sales Rep., they should be able to offer you a referral for a company similar to ours.

Good luck in your ventures!

PropertyRadar has now expanded to cover five states in the Western US. ?We don’t cover Utah quite yet, but do have plans for further expansion. ?Keep track of our current coverage areas by visiting