Property Tax Liens when buying at Auction.

Can anyone confirm when the delinquent property taxes have to be paid? I am assuming if I buy a home at trustee sale, within a few weeks I will get the notice from the county to pay the property taxes that are delinquent correct? Or are they collected at the time of sale?
Please advise

Property taxes are “super senior” which means they run with the property and must be paid even if you buy the property at trustee sale. Before purchasing at trustee sale you always want to check for delinquent property taxes because you will be required to pay them.

Property taxes are not collected at the sale, and you can pay them whenever… taxes have to be five years past due in CA before the county can file a lien and sell the property at a tax sale auction. That said, you may want to pay them faster as there is a 10% late fee, and if they remain unpaid interest accrues at 18%.