Researching/Bidding on multiple listings

Was wondering if anyone has any tips on narrowing down the Daily Auction List. I currently receive the Daily Auction List every morning and run it through some formulas in Excel. After I get a narrowed down list, I look each one up in Zillow to get three comps. I would like to use ForeclosureRadar to do more of this, but it seems that another list that I get has accurate Open Bid numbers way before ForeclosureRadar does. Then once I get a narrowed list of properties, I have not found a good way to search that specific property in ForeclosureRadar because they have different fields for street, address #, city. In Zillow I can just copy the entire address and paste into Zillow. I guess I am asking if there is a better way to utilize my resources.

ForeclosureRadar provides you with a commercial grade AVM as a valuation tool to determine the current value. Keep in mind that this is still an automated valuation tool and does not take the place of a visual inspection.
If you click on a property in ForeclosureRadar you will see additional links in the lower left hand corner that will take you to several other valuation sites without having to enter an address. This way you can check Zillow, Yahoo,, and Cyberhomes without entering an address.
We manually track all trustee sales which includes the postponements, cancellations, opening bids and winning bids. We also provide the contact info for the trustee in the event that you wish to contact them directly. Additionally we provide several tracking tools and financial analysis tools including the ability to save notes and upload photos. When you are using the complete tracking system you can then simply print out your bid sheet the day of the auction and you are ready to bid.
If you click on the Getting Started button in the upper right hand corner when logged in you can click on the Investor tab and see several use case videos that will show you how you can easily search, sort and track sales as well as prepare to bid. Not only can you watch the videos but we also provide the PDF so that you can print the information.
ForeclosureRadar was designed by an investor and you will be amazed by all of the features once you get familiar with the program. The Getting Started Tutorials are the key!!
Please also consider checking out our webinars. We have an hour long webinar for investors on using the site. You can access the webinars under the Learning Center on the home page.

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